123… Soon to be extinct?

One of the first administrative tasks I take care of when I join a new organization is ordering business cards. With the proliferation of virtual jobs, this practice may seem increasingly retro but nothing screams official to me like business cards. That’s why I don’t let a minor setback like being unemployed (funemployed?) deny me the pleasure of handing out a card while interviewing or networking. So when my latest contract ended on December 31st, I set about to order a new set that would coordinate with my blue resume logo, something similar to what I had during my last job hunting stint:

Astute readers may notice that my blog name is actually, as personal branding maven extraordinaire, Rachael Ray would say a “wink and a nudge” to my last name. While it does not feature a watermark or even braised lettering a la the American Psycho* scene, it was a tasteful, attractive option at an affordable price from our friends at VistaPrint.

This time around, I had the brainchild to try a different vendor since I associated Vista with their ubiquitous free business card offer where they’d print their own logo on the back. Never mind that there is an option to remove their logo for a nominal fee, they just struck me as the Wal-mart of the print world. So I decided to take a chance on 123Print since it was the second choice to pop up in my google search for business cards. This simple design on their site appealed to me because it afforded me the space to list my specialties and who wouldn’t want to turn on an interviewer, metaphorically speaking?

Alas, what actually arrived in the mail 3 business days later was a complete turn off. What was touted as a member of the blue family above (and also on the PDF proof mind you) was actually a streaky, blotchy teal mess which wouldn’t coordinate with a tiki bar much less my resume! Never mind watermarks, the cards appeared to be marred by water stains. Did I mention the semi-gloss finish gave them the appearance of being fully shellacked in nail hardener?

This sad state of affairs has left me no alternative but to place another order with our trusty friends at VistaPrint, unless of course, anyone out there can offer a better suggestion?

*PS – Was it just me or did anyone else instinctively read BATMAN when Christian Bale’s Patrick BATEMAN character presented his business card?


Women in Business-to-Business: Real Stories, Real Successes

The upside of being unemployed in between opportunities is that it affords one the time to attend all the great networking events around town without worrying about getting out of the office on time. I’m seriously considering this event since it coincides fortuitously with the arrival of my new personal branding business cards!

Women in Business-to-Business: Real Stories, Real Successes
Jan 21, 2009
Wednesday, 5:30PM to 8:00PM

Location: New York City, NY USA
Cost: $125 (Group discount available)
Dress: Business Casual
Address: Prince George Ballroom, 15 East 27th Street
Details: This celebratory reception recognizes the career achievements of today’s leading female executives in business media, who will share inspiring stories and secrets to success.

For more info, please visit the American Business Media site listing.

That’s my M.O.!

Oh no, not another uninspired career blog! WHY would you want to start a professional blog? Save yourself the time and stress! Starting a professional blog opens you up American Idol style to employers…

That was the reaction of a friend when I mentioned I was toying with the idea of a professionally themed blog while conducting my full time job hunt. I must confess he articulated all of my concerns – how would I maintain my privacy? Is it safe to link to my other networking profiles without attracting a negative element? And what original content could I possibly add to the already crowded blogosphere and does anyone still use that term in earnest anyway?

Yet and still, I can’t help but notice the glut of job postings that demand “social media and networking ” skills. Since one can’t exactly legitimately claim the countless hours perusing Facebook (off hours of course!) or their personal blog which delves into questions for the ages such as “just how awesomely bad is VH1’s latest and greatest 80s show anyway?” with a straight face, I’m giving this a try. As for the fear of appearing uninspired, I’m hoping I’ll manage to strike an appropriate yet readable tone that’s more irreverent than this but less so than this.

I’ve never been one to shy away from attempting something new during my diverse (that’s my PC way of saying my focus has been slightly less than razor sharp due to the whims of the market), 15+ year career away because, well, that’s my M.O.!