Women in Business-to-Business: Real Stories, Real Successes

The upside of being unemployed in between opportunities is that it affords one the time to attend all the great networking events around town without worrying about getting out of the office on time. I’m seriously considering this event since it coincides fortuitously with the arrival of my new personal branding business cards!

Women in Business-to-Business: Real Stories, Real Successes
Jan 21, 2009
Wednesday, 5:30PM to 8:00PM

Location: New York City, NY USA
Cost: $125 (Group discount available)
Dress: Business Casual
Address: Prince George Ballroom, 15 East 27th Street
Details: This celebratory reception recognizes the career achievements of today’s leading female executives in business media, who will share inspiring stories and secrets to success.

For more info, please visit the American Business Media site listing.

2 Responses

  1. I think you should attend this. It may prove to be both useful networking as well as inspirationally celebratory.

  2. Sadly I never ended up going since it was a bit pricey. I think I’ll start networking with all the free Meetup events and work my way up from there.

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