That’s my M.O.!

Oh no, not another uninspired career blog! WHY would you want to start a professional blog? Save yourself the time and stress! Starting a professional blog opens you up American Idol style to employers…

That was the reaction of a friend when I mentioned I was toying with the idea of a professionally themed blog while conducting my full time job hunt. I must confess he articulated all of my concerns – how would I maintain my privacy? Is it safe to link to my other networking profiles without attracting a negative element? And what original content could I possibly add to the already crowded blogosphere and does anyone still use that term in earnest anyway?

Yet and still, I can’t help but notice the glut of job postings that demand “social media and networking ” skills. Since one can’t exactly legitimately claim the countless hours perusing Facebook (off hours of course!) or their personal blog which delves into questions for the ages such as “just how awesomely bad is VH1’s latest and greatest 80s show anyway?” with a straight face, I’m giving this a try. As for the fear of appearing uninspired, I’m hoping I’ll manage to strike an appropriate yet readable tone that’s more irreverent than this but less so than this.

I’ve never been one to shy away from attempting something new during my diverse (that’s my PC way of saying my focus has been slightly less than razor sharp due to the whims of the market), 15+ year career away because, well, that’s my M.O.!

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