“Pink Slip Party”, in downtown Manhattan – 6/10/09


The Wall Street Pink Slip Party

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

5:30-8:30 PM

at City Winery

155 Varick (between Spring & Vandam)


 More Recruiters * More HR People * More Career Services

Drink Specials * Great Wine * Cheap Beer

*Good Deeds*

$20 Suggested Donation at the Door Benefits Ronald McDonald House of New York

Sponsored by:

Dealbreaker * City Winery

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For more details, visit: wallstreetpinkslip.com

For those that need to network, or want to help others network, these parties are extremely beneficial. All the best!



Location New York, NY USA
Cost $15-$25
Dress business casual
Address Public House
140 East 41st Street
(Between Lexington and Third Avenue)
New York, NY 10017
Details Recently laid off? Nervous about the future or curious about your options?Come join executive recruiters & representatives from some great companies that are currently hiring. Explore your options at this jobs-focused networking event.

Over 100 professionals expected to attend!

At this exciting event we will be launching NFP’s new career service RESUME REBOOT!
Our highly qualified Resume Reboot experts will be on hand to give tips on a first come first served basis, so bring your resume. (You’ll also be able to sign up to receive a free email evaluation and custom quote to reboot your resume * Includes a special 20% ‘Where The Jobs Are’ discount for attending the event!)

Includes: Complimentary hors d’oeuvres.

Cost: In advance online: $15 NFP members, $20 non-members.
At the door: $25




NetSavvy Upscale IT Networking Event

Feb 24, 2009 7:00PM
Location New York, NY USA
Cost free
Dress business casual
Address Pranna 79 Madison Ave, New York NY 10016

OpeningYou.net welcomes you to join us at our NetSavvy IT Networking Event for IT Professionals. Connect, link-up, and network with Industry Professionals, Headhunters and IT Startups companies this February 24th from 7pm-10pm at PRANNA’s 15,000 square foot soaring space. PRANNA’s awe-inspiring venue creates the perfect networking environment.

Improve your business performance, form new partnerships, make new connections, boost your reputation, gather new leads and possibly find employment or your next consulting gig. Whether you are a Veteran IT Consultant looking to form partnerships, a Headhunter looking to find quality connections, a Freelancer looking to build a network or a IT Startup company looking to staff your firm, our NetSavvy event can help you meet new and exciting people and build mutually beneficial business relationships.

To help us keep track of attendance please RSVP here:

Blogging Your Brand

Blogging Your Brand
Jan 31, 2009, 10:00AM to 2:00PM

Location New York, NY USA
Cost free
Dress business casual
Columbia University
Morningside Campus
Room to be announced.

A workshop that will teach you how to use the blogosphere to maximize the potential of your personal and professional brand. Participants will learn how to most effectively position themselves and their message, in the ever-changing online landscape.

Please visit http://www.ce.columbia.edu/stratcomm for more information and to R.S.V.P. for the event.

Keli Goff is an author and political analyst. As an expert on youth and minority voters, she has emerged as one of the most in demand pundits of the 2008 presidential election cycle. A popular blogger and commentator she is recognized for her ability to effortlessly traverse the worlds of politics and pop culture.

Et tu, Careerbuilder?

I’ve never been responsible for creating a TV spot for an online job search site but apparently it’s one of the daunting tasks imaginable.  TheLadders was universally panned for their latest efforts and on the tail of that catastrophe, CareerBuilder (the decidedly low end job board) unleashed their latest SuperBowl ad in their daily spam update today:

Never mind the jarring, relentlessly repetitive tone of the 1 minute too long TV spot, I think it completely misses the mark in today’s economic climate.  This is not the late 90s where one can safely just up and quit an annoying job knowing a potentially better one (with a signing bonus to boot) is waiting to be had.  With talk of our recession devolving into a depression, job hopping is a luxury most can’t afford.

In an era where most corporations have already gone above and beyond the call of duty to diminish the dignity of the American worker, we don’t need ads that basically scream, “You’re a loser working a dead end job.”  Furthermore, I understand the need for edgy humor, after all this is a SuperBowl ad, but punching a bespectacled koala is the best they could come up with?

Finally, the ad tells me nothing about the types of jobs available on CareerBuilder or the caliber of companies who advertise.  Assurance that legitimate companies that offer, you know, like benefits and stuff would be more of an incentive to actually view the site.  But I suppose legitimacy is too much to ask for from a site that sends me daily confirmation that I’m already pre-qualified for an interview for a salesperson job at Tri-State Honda!

Bait and Switch

It all started on November 17th when a 3rd party recruiter contacted me out of the blue (presumably via my LinkedIn profile) and wondered if I might have any interest in an NYC based Director of Marketing opportunity for a growing, private company in practically a recession proof sector.  I was delighted since that very title was on my short list of career goals.  The traits emphasized in the lengthy job description dovetailed with my interests as well, for example:

[Young, growing organization] is seeking a Director Of Marketing Operations with significant direct and interactive marketing experience. This individual will assist in the management of the marketing operations of their portfolio companies, working closely with the current Marketing Manager and CEO in developing and executing the strategies for their portfolio companies. In support of the company’s continued growth, it recognizes the need to better formalize and manage campaign development and implementation, while at the same time instituting appropriate, disciplined and consistent metrics.

Position Summary
The Director of Marketing Operations will play an integral role in maximizing the company’s marketing assets and provide the vision and implementation of end-to-end processes to ensure marketing optimization. This person will be responsible for creating and managing a measurable and trackable Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) throughout the organization, resulting in improved marketing effectiveness.

Don't let this man interview you!

Don't let this man interview you!

The first interview with the hiring manager in November went very well as we went through the job description line by line and discussed all my applicable talents.  I was even assured through out the holiday season that they would get back in touch for a second interview.  When I finally met them again, the line of questioning had changed.  The hiring manager and his baby-faced colleague were more interested in my technical skills than anything I’d have to offer from a marketing strategy standpoint.  This didn’t set off any alarms right away since I’m nothing if not versatile and I definitely enjoy the actual implementation aspects of campaign execution. 

However, the meeting grew even more tangential as the manager inexplicably name dropped “Mr. Trump” and a project they were working on and how revenues were projected to be in the $40mm range.  At the time, I thought it was merely tacky but rationalized that he might have wanted to prove to a potential hire that they were in fact, on the up and up.  As the interview wrapped up, they reassured me that I had renewed their interest and I’d hear back soon.

Sure enough the next day, I was contacted for references and asked if I might be interested in a contracting position since that would be a unique opportunity for both parties to “try before they buy.”  The original job deception, excuse me, description was rendered a complete work of fiction since they found time to re-org since our last meeting! Not wanting to rule anything out in this economy, I reluctantly said I was open to it even though my own interest had all but waned.  The hourly consulting fee they offered was a full 25% less than my asking rate which they were fully aware of in November!  When I said that was an unacceptable offer, I was assured that there would be “employee stock options” at which point I made a mental note to buy a new phone because the model I was on didn’t have a mute button which was sorely needed to muffle my laughter!  I lived through the 90s and I know how the employee stock option story line ends!

All is not lost though.  I’ve already made it to the 2nd round at not one but two organizations in 2009 which has kept my interviewing skills sharp and the realization that I might be forced to contend with equally ridiculous offers in the future without a mute button at my disposal was the perfect excuse to treat myself to a BlackBerry today!

Go Red for Women Benefit in NYC Feb 6th

Hosts: Rupa & Neha
Type: Party – Benefit
Date: Friday, February 6, 2009
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Rubin Museum of Art
150 West 17th Street (corner of 7th Ave)
New York, NY

It’s National Go Red for Women Day!

Come out and support stronger and healthier hearts for women and what better time to do it than just in time for Valentine’s Day?

PLEASE WEAR RED in some form or the other to show YOUR SUPPORT and YES that means THE GENTLEMEN, too….

By wearing red and making a small donation, you’ll help the American Heart Association support ongoing research and education about women and heart disease.

Looking forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, please e-mail me at ThatsMyMOBlog@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for your support of this worthwhile cause.